Millennium Benefit Association

Millennium Benefit Association was started with one purpose in mind, to improve members overall health & wellness by providing them discounts and services that go beyond the traditional employee benefits package. Association members get more than just insurance coverages by being a member.

benefits include:

Discounts on healthy food options and gym memberships – meaning better overall health of the mind and body

Unlimited savings on prescription drugs not covered by insurance at 65,000 pharmacies nationwide (*Including pet medications)

Savings on hearing instruments between 5-15%

Savings on Lasik surgery and procedures

Unlimited deals and discounts on:

  • Local & online dining
  • Entertainment, recreation and movie tickets
  • Apparel, jewelry, automotive and health & beauty
  • Travel – including hotels, cars, flights and theme park tickets

Contact us

Po Box 773317
Coral Springs, FL 33077

Toll-free: 833 430 0888
Main: 646 751 7720
Fax: 929 270 0249